NEW IDEAS for 2021 at Les Castels

01 August 2021

Les Castels, France

2021 has seen the French luxury campsites of Les Castels launch a few NEW products for their clients. These have come to the fore during the Covid lockdown and are being rolled out through the group as the sites reopen for the summer. These are set to enhance the holiday experience for all Les Castels customers.

There are three main products being introduced for the season:

Le Marché des Castels
Les Instants Castels
Les Castels Welcome Gift

Les Castels, France

Le Marché des Castels

This initiative highlights the prominence of the campsites using local products in their food outlets and grocery stores. Everything that has been locally sourced carries a little sticker ‘Sélection Castels’. There is a sign at the outlet that tells the customer where the products come from, how many kilometres from the site the place is situated, showing a picture of the producer and confirming whether visits to the farm or outlet are possible.

This highlights the emphasis on and adherence to local produce, and stresses the bond between the sites and their localities.  It also shows the diversity of Les Castels sites all over France. Ecologically it is sound too, as the produce is not coming from great distances either.

Les Castels, France

Les Instants Castels

The second initiative is to emphasise the various activities taking place on each site so that memorable moments can be highlighted – tea parties, concerts, picnics, farmers markets etc – any activity that makes even more of the holiday experience. These are Les Instants Castels – unforgettable and special to each site and to each holidaymaker. This gives even more meaning to the activity – its what sets Les Castels apart from the rest. The variety will be appealing to clients persuading them to visit other sites.

Les Castels, France

Les Castels Welcome Gift

The Welcome Gift is a great idea to enhance the superior quality of Les Castels offer.  Each site will give a gift suitable for that particular place, so, for example, a fishing rod at Whaka Lodge or homemade biscuits at the Camp de Florence!  Everybody loves a gift, and something pertaining to the particular site may help clients see that special something in their destination, and will be a great holiday souvenir too.

Les Castels, France

Background: Les Castels

Note to Editors:
Les Castels is a group of 25 sites throughout France that have long set the gold standard as far as four- and five-star self-catering accommodation and camping are concerned.  For more than 60 years Les Castels has merited the reputation as being convivial, offering fun and entertainment and a natural authenticity that promotes local history and inheritance; a slice of the real France. The sites are all independently owned and the passion of the proprietors for their region and all it has to offer is evident.  Whatever your preference there is a Les Castels site to suit all tastes and requirements.

Les Castels 2021:
25 campsites
5795 pitches
56 small pitches
700 large pitches
52% of camping pitches
48% of self-catering accommodation
They are ‘Clef Vertes’ – the French eco-label
Two sites have European ecolabels

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