Winter holidays in the Spanish Pyrenees

17 December 2019

Purely Pyrenees

The Pyrenean mountain range forms a natural border between France and Spain and stretches 450km between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. There are 129 peaks of 3000m above sea-level or higher and of these, 59 are in Spain, 26 are in France and 15 lie between the two. Both of Purely Pyrenees’ Spanish snow holidays include some of the highest summits to suit the intrepid traveller seeking something a little different.

In addition, each is hosted by a fluent bi-lingual guide and start on a Saturday, carefully designed to coincide with the weekly flight from London Stansted to Lourdes. This is by far the lowest cost, fastest and most direct journey to the Pyrenees from the UK.

Purely Pyrenees

The Glorious Spanish Pyrenees

Discover the joys of the Spanish Pyrenees in one of its most iconic regions, surrounded by the largest collection of high mountains in the Pyrenees. This winter walking with snow shoes holiday is more pleasantly challenging than other holidays offered by Purely Pyrenees as it includes some of the highest Pyrenean peaks including the highest – Aneto.

Highlights include experiencing the most magnificent and highest Pyrenean peaks all around, staying in Lourdes and Tarbes to have a broader exposure to the Pyrenees in winter and touring beautiful valleys with excellent walking straight from the hotel’s door.

Dates:  From 4th December 2019 to 4th April 2020
Length: Eight days, seven nights – five walking days
Level: Two boot
Type: Guided / group size from five to 15 people
Price: £987 / €1095

Purely Pyrenees


Sally Simmonds’ Tips for Winter Clothing:  “With winter walking, we want to wear clothes that are water-repellent or even better, to wear waterproof over-trousers that give full protection. There’s no need to buy winter trousers – you can wear summer trousers with tights or leggings underneath. Never wear ski clothing to go hiking, because as soon as you start walking, you will be far too hot and it’s really not comfortable to walk in.”


Purely Pyrenees

Wonderful winter walking around Spain’s lost mountain

Spain’s Ordesa Natural Park is a natural tour de force offering magnificent mountains, dramatic valleys, glorious forests and beautiful villages. Within it, the centrepiece is the Lost Mountain (Monte Perdido in Spanish and Mont Perdu in French), the third highest mountain in the Pyrenees and all but hidden from France by the masking peaks of the Cirques de Gavarnie et d’Estaubé.  Featuring nature at its most spectacular, this particular route is well worth considering if you want a truly memorable winter walking holiday on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees.

Highlights include enjoying the best of the Spanish Pyrenees in all their winter glory, excellent winter walking with a great deal of variety of paths and scenery and experiencing one of Purely Pyrenees’ most popular hotels that is simply magical in winter.

Dates:  From 1st January to 28th March 2020
Length: Eight days, seven nights – five walking days
Level: One boot
Type: Guided
Price: From £834 / €925

Sally Simmonds Tips for Winter Clothing:  “For the upper body, wear a breathable long-sleeved t-shirt with collar, a small jumper (or a thin breathable fleece in case of cold) with obviously a good waterproof jacket. Keep to the “three layer” principle.”


Purely Pyrenees

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* NB: Please check each trip on the website for full details of what is and what is not included. Most Purely Pyrenees breaks exclude travel to and from the starting and finishing points, alcohol and personal travel insurance.


Note to Editors:  Purely Pyrenees launched in 2018 and is backed with over 30 years of experience from French parent company, La Balaguère. Purely Pyrenees tours pride themselves on offering the very best accommodation to be found on their routes, the finest local food and experiences that their guests will never forget – whether stunning views or amazing vistas. They are renowned for their local knowledge, personal touch and expertise. They go that extra mile to provide unique experiences and memorable holidays.