Press Relations

I am perhaps best known for my public relations prowess, having worked with a number of the world’s most recognisable brands and products over the years. Loathe to rely on outside databases, I have my own internal system of over 8,000 contacts to better target key media and companies to the benefit of my clients. My PR listings cover all sections of the media on and off line, including influencers & bloggers, travel industry, sales & M&IT contacts and transport providers.

Detailed media strategies, well-researched PR campaigns designed with flair, originality and élan: these are my goals – story angles designed to capture an editor’s imagination to ensure clients hit the headlines. I don’t inundate busy publications with constant, useless information – my approach is well researched, carefully, handpicking the moment and the medium. I distribute stories via omni-channel platforms – whether that’s by releases, HTML newsletters, personal sell-in – everything is subtly designed to entice an editor to commission a feature or visit personally.

One of my closest collaborators at Gillian Green PR will be former Founder & Director of Magellan PR, Sue Lowry, otherwise known as blogger A3Traveller.

With an impeccable travel industry background including in-house roles at The Leading Hotels of the World as well as heading up Columbus Communications before she set up Magellan, her wide-seated knowledge and strategy background on both sides of the divide will complement my own.  Her key strength however is in creativity, writing and photography. She was one of the first exponents of social media too so has a good understanding of the genre.

She says “I am inspired by a love of travel, history & culture combined with an innate curiosity about the world. I am always intrigued by what lies around an unseen corner, so I look forward to exploring my interests in a freelance setting, The great thing about working alongside Gillian is, we work seamlessly together, having worked on numerous campaigns over the years.  I am delighted that she has finally launched her own travel PR business and wish her every success”.

Sue will also be re-launching her blog aimed at the mature reader which reflects her interest in travel, history and the arts.”